Smart charging

Prevents over charging & battery degradation


UV-sanitisation reduces the risk of the spread of infections


Reduces electric usage and increases a devices lifespan


Devices are charged/ sanitised in a secure environment

Changing the way we charge & increasing the life of devices

By charging multiple devices to their precise and optimum levels, Power Technologies solutions prevent overcharging, a phenomenon that often leads to battery degradation and shortened lifespans.


The modern school is dependent on technology. The use of tablets, laptops and Chromebooks is becoming an everyday part of education. Your education customers need to maximise their IT assets due to tight budgets. Power Technologies keep these assets stored, optimally charged, and even sanitised in a secure space.

Already trusted by 4,500 school districts in the US, Power Technologies offer protection, security and  lifespan optimal charging through their range of charging carts, cabinets, and secure storage devices.

Keeping your shared devices clean

Optional UV-sanitisation of technology as it charges, we can help reduce the risk of the spread of infections, such as Covid, and provide a safe and healthy sharing environment for technology users.


Your healthcare clients will always have infection control concerns with electronic devices like laptops and Chromebooks. They will warm to a supplier that can offer a charging and sterilisation solution.

Power Technologies offers a full line of chemical free, UV-C sanitising solutions that also charge and secure electronic devices as well as non-invasive clinical items to support your organisation’s infection control initiatives.


In all professions we are seeing the use of portable electronic devices, whether it is a tablet in retail, a Chromebook on a building site, or a laptop in a manufacturing plant. Maintaining charge, avoiding damage, and keeping them secure is always an issue.

Power technologies range can charge multiple devices in one place, in a secure & sanitised unit, with optimal device charging to maximise the devices lifespan with minimised electricity costs.

Start your revolution in charging

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Power Technologies Range

AC Lite – 30 bay secure cycle charging cart

Designed to charge, store and transport up to 30 Laptops or Tablets up to 15.6 inches.

AC-30 – 30 bay secure cycle charging cart

Designed to charge, secure and transport 15 to 30 Laptops and Tablets, Devices up to 14”

AC-PLUS-T-H65 – Pre-Wired 36 bay secure smart charging USB Hub Cart

Designed to charge, store and transport up to 36 Chromebooks, laptops or tablets up to 14 inches.

AC-GO-16 – 16 Devices Charging Cabinet

Designed to charge and store up to 16 Chromebooks, Laptops or Tablets.

AC-MINI – 12 Bay Secure Charging Cabinet

Designed to charge and secure 12 Chromebooks, Laptops or Tablets.

CSC-LOCKER-8 – UV-C Charging locker

Securely sanitise charge and deploy mobile devices and accessories.