Cetra IT Services

Cetra IT holds an inventory of over $6m of leading brand IT products in stock ready for distribution. Our customer service is the envy of the sector, too. Networking, servers, power, 3D printing, storage and all the IT hardware your business and customers need, despatched right up to 5pm.

Experienced management

Expertise and experience count for everything in IT. They are the X factor. The Cetra IT management team has a proven track record with over 17 years of combined technology and computing experience. Open, honest and always available to our customers, they can add value to your business by assisting with proposals, boosting profitability and giving valuable free advice.

Customer support

Cetra IT puts an experienced, helpful and highly trained Support Team at your disposal. They know our IT inventory and individual products inside and out and they’ll get to know your business, too. This enables them to ensure that you receive the best products for you at the best possible price. Working together with you, it’s an experience no other IT distributor can offer.


Countrywide Delivery

Cetra IT is a German operation with powerful international backing. This infrastructure enables us to maintian huge stocks of IT products ready for Rapid Next Day delivery to every corner of Germany. Our shipping costs are low and dependability is high. In fact, you can order right up to 5pm and we’ll deliver the next day.


Shipping options

Rapid – for same day despatch and next day delivery anywhere in Germany, order by 5pm.

Standard – 24hr delivery for orders outside Germany and within Europe.

International – same day despatch for all international deliveries. Your dedicated Account Manager will help you hit your delivery dates.

Contact Cetra IT for delivery info

Blind Shipping

If you want Cetra IT to deliver direct to your customers, that’s not a problem. We offer a fast, cost-effective and discreet Blind Delivery service that will ensure that your order is delivered as white label products. Alternatively, they can carry your details.

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Free IT configuration

Cetra IT is different. Placing an order gives you access to our complimentary configuration service. Before we despatch your products, our experienced technicians will ensure your items are configured just how you want them. So you’re up and running right out of the box. Free configuration – what could be more straightforward than that?

Cash flow assistance

Cetra IT offers clients a straightforward and flexible credit facility that can assist with your business cash flow. It’s simple, easy to set up and can greatly improve the financial health of your business and contribute to the smooth running and growth of your organisation.

Extended Warranties

Successful in the market for more than 10 years.

– Reliability guaranteed
– Reasonably priced
– Variable terms
– Multi-vendor

Talk to us for more details.